The BrainLids Method©

Eradicate your inner critic using brain science.


For if the brain is the cause of suffering, it can also be its cure.” — Dr. Rick Hanson, Buddha’s Brain

Hell yeah it is. Well at least it better be considering we base every single thing off of that. Seriously, pat yourself on the back for even getting this far into our website. Do you know that by simply reading the fact that you can rewire your brain and end your suffering, you have already begun to do so?

How epic is that.

Our brain has so many programs in place designed to protect us, keep us alive, and move us forward. (thank you squishy brain) But so many of those programs are actually what causes us to suffer. Don’t worry, we were confused at first too. I mean, how can the one organ that is most important for our survival be responsible for ALL of our unhappiness? Talk about counterintuitive.

But this actually works in our benefit… Why? Because scientists know how these programs work. We know why they work. We know what they are triggered by. What does this mean for us?

It means it’s time to do some brain hacking.

We have all of the steps for you to eradicate your inner critic, optimize you brain’s potential, end your suffering, and be an absolute baller at life. We designed The BrainLids Method© for someone exactly like you.

Someone who:

  • cares deeply about their personal growth

  • is sick and tired of being held back by their own brain

  • is extremely intelligent and fed up feeling like they’re not enough

  • knows that they deserve to have all of the success possible in this life

  • has a weird secret obsession with what’s goin’ on in that pink squishy thing up there


We’ve been there. We know how terrifying, annoying, frustrating, and drowning it can feel. 


All it takes is one method. The BrainLids Method©. We created this method with our top neuroscientists so that we could back every single thing up for you with the latest brain science. The BrainLids Method© is based on two key tenants:

1. our brains were designed by evolution to help us survive and make babies

2. our brains have the ability to change themselves.



So what will do do for you?

1. explain how it works.

2. show you how to change it.


There are just 6 simple steps. You can use them every single time you encounter a negative thought, a mean thought, a critical thought, anxiety, fear, unhappiness, stress, panic attacks, and more. 

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Step 6.


We know you guys are superstars and can do it on your own. But if you want a deeper and more permanent rewiring of your brain so that your suffering is completely gone and inner peace is finally your default brain state:

Join the BrainLids movement.

As a part of the BrainLids community, we’ll give you all of the tips, tools, and info to rewire your brain, as well as the opportunity to do one-on-one sessions with one of our top cognitive neuroscientists. During the one-on-one sessions, we’ll break down and personalize The BrainLids Method© for you so you can see more results more quickly. The method will be divided into 3 phases over the course of just 90 days. By the end of the 90 days, you will see a radical change in who you are as a person. You’ll experience:

  • random bouts of joy, bliss, and happiness

  • significantly more energy during your day

  • an eradication of your inner critic

  • the peace of mind you’ve been searching for

  • what it’s like to finally be able to control your mind

  • the deep peace that comes with finally being nice to yourself


A.K.A you will be an entirely new human being with superpowers.


So what are you waiting for, you Incredible you?