I learned to control my brain using a frosting metaphor.


It’s the truth. The BrainLids Method© is all based around a frosting metaphor. It is simple. It involves frosting and a whisk. The end result? You shut up that mean voice in your head. Maybe even eat some cake.


Who knew baking + brain science could be the secret recipe for happiness…




Step 1: Be aware.
The frosting is white, not red

Why should I do that?

You want to control your brain. You must first be aware when you have been infected by the red poison. Your brain was made of white frosting to begin with. You are now aware it has turned into red frosting. Being aware is the only way to break free.

for more in depth: The BrainLids Method Step 1


Step 2: Separate.
Take your whisk out.

Why should I do that?

You are aware you are not the red frosting. But your brain is still out of control and being mean. You must now separate from the red frosting. That is NOT you talking all that negative garbage. You are the whisk that is whisking the negative garbage around. Stop it. Take your whisk out of the red frosting.

for more in depth: The BrainLids Method Step 2


Step 3: Investigate and Dump.
Bye bye red frosting.

 Why should I do that?

You’ve taken your whisk out. You have separated from the red frosting. You must now investigate what kind of red poison infected you. You investigate how much red poison infected you. You investigate where that red poison came from. Then you dump the entire bowl of red frosting in the trash. See ya never.

for more in depth: See below…



Step 3 is where the magic happens. 

It is when you learn to see through the illusion. We are all under the illusion that we are the red poison. We think we are that mean voice in our head. You are not that mean voice in your head. You are not those negative thoughts. You are the one with the whisk. You are the one who decides if you whisk at the red poison or not. When you feel like crap, you must focus on Step 3. Your crappy feelings will NOT go away until you investigate and dump.

Let me explain.

In Step 3, we investigate and dump. We are going to expose the red poison for what it is: an illusion. The illusion is always based on fear. What is fear?





Once we expose the illusion by investigating, we will dump it. Toss it. Leave it aside to wither away. Let me give you an example.



What negative red poison has crossed your mind? 

“What if I’m not good enough to make it?”  

Why do I think this red poison is true?

  • Because bad things keep happening to me
  • Because I never get what I want
  • Because so many people around me are failing
  • Because people tell me I will fail
  • Because I am not successful yet
  • Because I don’t really believe in myself

Where does this red poison come from?

  • Society’s idea of “making it” 
  • My toxic habit of being too hard on myself after growing up with strict parents
  • Listening to other people who are salty they failed 
  • My idea that confidence in your own abilities is “egotistical”
  • Society’s idea of the type of person who “makes it” and not thinking I am them
  • Thinking I’m not good enough when I got cut from sports teams in the past
  • The fear of not being in control of my own life because I thought only my parents or God were in control
  • The fear of not being able to create my own reality because I didn’t understand why pain, suffering, or bad things happened
  • The fear of not being successful because I chose the wrong path, because I thought there was such thing as choosing the “wrong” path
  • The fear of being a failure because then I would’ve wasted my life 
  • The fear of being a nobody because then I would end up sad and alone

How do I know this red poison is BS? 

  • Because it makes me feel like poop. 
  • Because it doesn’t make me happy.
  • Because it gives me anxiety.
  • Because it stresses me out.
  • Because it makes me sad. 
  • Because it makes me scared.

It is literally as simple as that. The red poison makes you feel like shit.

Shitty feelings = red frosting. A.K.A. DO NOT LISTEN.

Amazing feelings = white frosting. A.K.A. LISTEN.


If the thought is NOT coming from your loving and supportive white-frosting brain, STOP WHISKING. Take your whisk out of the red frosting. Investigate the red frosting. Investigate your thoughts. Ask yourself where they came from. When you find out where they came from, you’ll realize the thoughts were never YOURS to begin with. They were programmed into your brain. This programming happened by those around you. This programming happened by society. Exposing the root of the thoughts will confirm they are BS.

Eventually you won’t have to investigate them that heavily. That much investigation really only needs to happen when you are starting out. Normally, investigating can just consist of “how do I know this red poison is BS”? To which you answer “Because it makes me feel like shit. I don’t want to feel like shit. So clearly its not mine. “.

So we’ve investigated the red frosting. We’ve seen through its illusion. Now what? We DUMP IT.



Literally picture yourself grabbing a bowl, and completely dumping all of the red frosting out in the trash. You’re not about that life anymore. You don’t need that red frosting. All you need is your bowl and your whisk.

We’ll make new frosting later 😉 

Now a key thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to STOP the negative thoughts from coming up. That doesn’t matter. You don’t need to stop them. You only need to see through the illusion. You simply need to remember you are the whisk. You are in control. You can CHOOSE not to whisk at the red poison in your frosting. When you dump out the red frosting, you are choosing not to whisk at it anymore. It can hangout in the trash as long as it wants. Who cares. All you need to care about is that you are not playing around in the red frosting. Dump it. 

The red poison fear will control you until you see right through it. Fear is a liar. (I am not talking about fear in actual dangerous situations. Please avoid the yeti.) But to really be able to see though its lies and dump it, you have to learn to stop feeding the fear. 


Feeding the Fear

You can’t expect to be able to investigate and dump your red frosting if you keep feeding the red poison. We like to add red poison to our own brains for some reason. We like to watch dark and depressing shows, listen to sad music, watch scary news, or scroll through Instagram and compare ourselves to everyone. What the heck are we doing? We are feeding the red poison. We are sabotaging ourselves.

If you want to learn to control your own brain, you must do your absolute best to control what you are feeding your brain. Put down the dark and twisty article. Turn off the depressing news channel. Stop forcing yourself to look at the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ perfect bodies. You wonder why you can’t control your brain, yet you give it every reason to be sad, scared, depressed, and messy. 

 What else feeds the fear? Complaining. Judging. Gossiping. Attachments. Negativity.


How does this work in the brain?

You prefrontal cortex (PFC) is in the front of your brain. It decides how important something is depending on how much you pay attention to it. If you always focus on the NEGATIVE, your brain will literally wire itself to make it easier for you to pick out the negative from your environment. If you always complain, you’ll always find a reason to complain. If you always put yourself down, you’ll always find reasons to confirm why you should put yourself down. Again, your brain doesn’t care if what you focus on is true or not. It could care less in fact. All it wants to do is protect you. It protects you by drawing your attention to what it thinks its important. How does it know what’s important? By how much time you spend on something and how you feel about it. 

Researchers have found that when you’re paying attention to something that your brain finds important or threatening, the part of the brain responsible for your vision activates more. This means your eyes will LITERALLY pay more attention to that thing. Your eyes will literally pay more attention to the pictures that make you feel like crap. Why? Because you spend hours looking at the pictures. Because you whisk at the thoughts you think when you look at the pictures. Don’t you ever catch yourself lost on your feed feeling like shit? Stop it. Be aware. Take your whisk out. Investigate the red poison. Dump it out.



Eventually you’re going to see that the red poison works in patterns. The same negative thoughts always come up. The red poison likes to disguise the thoughts as different flavors. It likes to convince you its not poison THIS time. There is not a different flavor. It is all the same red poison. The red poison normally always comes from the same root fears. Find your root fears. Investigate them. Expose them. Dump them.

When you do, you are going to finally learn how to control your brain. No negative thought will ever scare you again. No negative words will ever hurt you again. You will break the patterns. You will be unstoppable. You will be free.


Hope this helps you guys 🙂


Step 4 coming soon.



Until next time,





 p.s. If you have read this all the way though, a ginormous kudos to you. By reading this you are already training your brain to think differently. You have gotten that much better at controlling your brain. You are becoming a superhero.