It’s like my nervous system is craving some habits/places/pieces of my day with some regularity and predictability so it can feel safe and calm

  • Breakfast habit
  • Exercise habit
  • Friend habit
  • Meditation habit 
  • Sleep habits 
  • Dating habit


The fear that was with my last night before bed dissipated when the “demon” aka energy blob with the need for protection stopped attaching to me

When I affirmed that i am safe alone and don’t need to be protected by anyone 


Another important aspect of healing though is that for example, the body itself can release trauma and restore goodness which can be a good thing if someone isn’t necessarily conscious of the mental emotional pattern that in the past created this disease in the body, which is still lodged in there

so when released from the body, the injury/disease is not necessarily going to come back, because they don’t have the same mental/emotional pattern that was there in the past when it was created 

but it’s still important to get it out because the emotions get lodged in the cells, limiting the being from raising into a higher vibration


It’s like your brain can’t function on as high-quality chemicals if you’re not ingesting high vibration of foods and medicines from the earth 

so you could do a lot of mental/emotional work and try your best to use the substances you already have in your body to create certain thoughts in alignment with your higher self, but it’s gonna be hard to do so if first of all you have toxicity, but second of all you don’t have a lot of high vibrational materials to work with that boost the chemistry of your brain/body, like greens and super foods and certain herbs/supplements etc.


Today’s morning tasks that raised vibration:

  • Kygo
  • Avocado 
  • Banana kale spinach lemongrass smoothie  
  • Bee pollen 
  • Hot cold shower with Himalayan salt 


It’s a really quick shift from a powerful and peaceful high vibrational state in which a lot of energy is flowing through you (high magnetic flux) versus a very anxious state 

f you’re sitting in your ego, and that high of a vibration of energy is sitting within you, it can quickly turn to anxiety 

so part of my practice at this moment is sensing when ego is taking the lead of mind microphone (because I’m feeling anxious) versus if conscious awareness has the lead of the mind microphone 

When it’s the latter, and my conscious awareness has the mind mic, the high vibrational energy is quite delicious and powerful 

so my practice now is really this switching from ego to consciousness so that the high vibrational energy that’s entering me via the high vibrational substances and thoughts that I’m consuming are able to be enjoyed, their benefits truly reaped rather than blocked

It almost seems then that one of the purposes that anxiety serves is to alert you that you have expanded energetically more than you are allowing… aka your body vessel is able to hold higher vibrations of energy than your mind is currently allowing, so anxiety arises as the messenger

AKA anxiety arises when you’re sitting majority in your ego and your being is trying to get you to a higher state vibrationally 

This reminds me of what my brain coach told me how if she just reframed the way she looked at it it was so much better; living from the powerful self versus puny self

So it’s not that the high vibrational vegan diet necessarily makes me anxious, it’s that as I was sitting in ego at the time of being on a vegan diet, I was anxious because I couldn’t handle that high vibration 

when I started to eat meat again, and I felt more grounded, I felt less anxious which is good, but now that I’m practicing sitting in the space of the conscious observer rather than the ego, the high vibration is serving me because it allows me to reach the heights of my potential as a vibrational being… the heights of where I’ve expanded to


If the medicine woman and men of the past didn’t have to go to school to learn how to use the earth to help heal why do we have to do so now

the plants used to speak to them and they would intuitively know what plant or herb needed to be used 

So why couldn’t I just tap so deeply into my intuition to have that sort of an innate knowledge and/or be trained under another medicine woman


I didn’t realize how helpful fiction reading could be for helping you step away from your own ego!