I have been doing daily notes for about a year and a half now. I take notes of my thoughts, questions, research, and inner talk in the Notes app of my computer.* The initial purpose of the note taking was so that I could look back on useful pieces of information I came across, as well as one day see the progression of my thoughts over time. The apparent purpose now is for them to help others. My soul has gently nudged me to post my daily notes for anyone to see, starting with today (The 7th of November). I suppose some pieces might be useful to individuals who are led to read this post. Some of my questions or comments won’t make total sense, as occasionally there won’t be the proper context, but majority of them should be clear. Let me know if you have any questions. I love you (yes, you, reading this) and thank you for being here alongside me as we all step closer to our Truth. ❤️

*A couple things to keep in mind:

questions bolded and italicized are my OWN questions

-text italicized and “quoted” is text copied and pasted from outside articles/books/people

-normal text, not bolded or italicized is just my intern monologue/thoughts

-when you see ‘ ~~~~ ‘ that means I am switching to a new topic/thought


Why does the body place such big of a role in all of this? Does it play more of a role than the mind? An equal? More than the brain? Why can the body be such a block? Why are herbs/medicines of the body so useful? Why is the body God’s favorite tool for messages? (Ill and well ones?)

-maybe because our experience is painted heavily with the colors of the chemistry in our brains (and therefore bodies) so the chemical state of your body/cells/brains can either foster the witnessing of the masterpiece or hinder it, causing you (because of the chemical cocktail present) to see fear and depression vs. joy, happiness, magic, and love

Ways to stir up happy neurochemicals

  • Smile
  • Laugh (Friends, comedy, Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig)
  • Find something that is fascinating (human body, naturopathic medicine, God, consciousness!!!!!)

It kinda seems like herbs, high-vibrational substances from the earth, certain vitamins, they can all create the chemical cocktail that is most ideal, most optimal for consciousnesses to gush into this experience, to put aside your ego/separate self/fear limbic brain and operate from the neocortex as a witness to the painting God is doing through you 

Setting yourself “up for success” chemically by using certain herbs, substances, vitamins, foods, doesn’t do ALL the work, but it sure does help set up the (chemical) scene for your conscisouness/soul to realize itself and the beauty of the world, as well as help your brain select thoughts that serve you + control emotions

i.e. water is a conductor –> you could somewhat enlighten just by focusing on the the fact that you are your consciousness… but it definitely, significantly helps if while you are attempting to clear high amounts of energy and cause a greater magnetic flux through your body, you are helping/encouraging the process of energy flow by drinking energy conducting material (i.e water).

Water is amazing in that it carries the energy of life from the ethers and into this physical body

water is like the medium between the physical and non-physical worlds, or at least the physical and meta-physical worlds!


This whole illusion of “create yourself” “visualize yourself”… why does it matter? If it’s all already laid out in a plan for us, this feels desperate/illusive?

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance.”



Which book is my soul urging me to write?

201 beliefs? Red cover poem-lite bite-sized

Microphone of your consciousness?


I’m feeling like I want to go to Naturopathic Medical School but I don’t want to go obsess over it and apply if this is another one of my ego’s tricks to find identity, significance, and value/happiness/satisfaction from the outside world, when it is only possible to receive those deep feelings of bliss from the realization of and interaction with your own consciousness

Am I supposed to only wait to respond to what the Now moment presents, or do I also go follow impulses to initiate things my soul is leading me into?

Both. 🙂


The ego tries to convince you this feeling of bliss and peace will go away but it can’t… consciousness will always be there…. Focusing on yourself as the conscious observer is the ONLY “attachment” you can have in this entire universe, because that is who you truly are. That is how one attains equilibrium in this 3D reality


Why does the law of attraction matter? Are you “co-creating with your soul” because your soul knows WHAT it wants to/will call forth into your experience, but as a separate self (ego) you can still make the choice to determine how smoothly/quickly those things come, by helping focus thought (energy) to turn into matter (aka alchemy)?


All this talk that sugar does this and that to the body, that sugar is the cause of cancer… I totally get that, but sugar is secondary to the cause of cancer.

Why is the individual eating that much sugar in the first place? Who is ruling that beings choices?  Their ego (sugar-fed) or their consciousness (ketone-fed)?

The issue is in the ego-run individual, who secondarily eats sugar to comfort him/herself from the fear, lack of control, and self-hate, and as a result then develops the cancer.

So what would be the point of naturopathic medicine? The focus can’t only be on the food, on the herbs going in and out, but rather has to be an acknowledgement of the impact of the primary cause (ego/separate self) and then a grateful usage of the food/herbs to heal the body, restore balance, and foster the consciousness/neocortex to “rule” the show as intended (for most), to lead the being to optimal health once again


Said to a client today: “Awareness truly is the key here— it’s not avoiding “bad’ foods, it’s simply bringing conscious awareness into your choices and knowing what your body really needs.”

Your body ALWAYS knows what you need.


Going off of what Eckhart says…

Keep some of your attention in (your body, back on your consciousness) don’t let it all flow out… keeps your ego in check, makes sure you don’t get lost all up in the illusion…

we do have to remember that our brains are addicted to getting lost in the illusion though!

So be gentle, be patient…evolution has not designed you to focus on your consciousness, but rather the evolutionary brain (separate self illusion) has been designed to pull you into the illusion, acting as if you are a true player in the game of life


My ego says “oh what do you know! Why would you release your daily notes, showing off your knowledge as if you have some answers”

First of all— What even is that? Lol that voice is not kind. 

I am not shoving down these answers of beliefs on anyone. People can make the choice to read or not read this information, to soak in or not soak in this information. People will take the piece they need at this time. They might not even make it mean for themselves what it meant for me, which is totally okay. 

Everyone has the answers. Just because my consciousness is able to flow out of me a specific way of looking at things (i.e. through the filter of a brain science/phsyics brain) doesn’t mean that I know anything more or less than the person reading this.

Truth resonates at a deep level, whether an indidivudal is currently conscious of it or not. My soul simply chose to lead me to the brain science/physics structuring of my brain so it could explain some of these concepts from an angle that is very needed right now.

I don’t take responsibility for this, because I am not the driver or this vehicle. I am not the dancer of this dance. I am not the molder of this clay. God/the Universe is. I simply get to observe it all happen, and be grateful I am a channel of this flow of consciousness/information into this world. It’s a delicious experience indeed, but it is not of my doing.

So no, ego, I myself (if speaking as ego) do not have answers. But my soul does. As do all of our souls. And these notes are from them.


We help co-create this experience by choosing thoughts that serve us, rather than the ones that don’t…. The more we choose the thoughts the serve us, the more the soul can gush into this experience (increase in consciousness) and lead us to our glory.

It seems then, that this effort to control thoughts and put them in the service of your highest good, is only temporary… that eventually “Jesus takes the wheel” aka your higher self/soul takes the wheel, and you won’t have to put as much effort into controlling every thought, as you’ll be so stable-y led by your soul….

It almost seems then that the co-creation act is only initially (an illusion), as you’re forming the habit in your brain of letting your soul lead rather than your ego.

It does take a lot of hyper-vigilance of thoughts, a lot of meta-awareness in the beginning stages though. The effort is great, but worth it. 


It seems to be that the main way we help others is through inspiration/empowerment/support (and at TIMES clarification)….

Not via out enmeshment in their situation, or by taking out our tool box and trying to fix everything for them lol


Who am I Meditation —

Keep your focus on the stillness, in the formless matrix in which all things, all forms, arise and dissolve


“According to the Ninth Insight, by the middle of the next millennium, humans will typically live among 500 year old trees and carefully tended gardens, yet within easy travel distance of an urban area of incredible technological wizardry. By then, the means of survival— foodstuffs and clothing and transportation— will all be totally automated and at everyone’s disposal. Our needs will be met completely without the exchange of any currency, yet also without any overindulgence or laziness.

Guided by their intuitions, everyone will know precisely what to do and when to do it, and this will fit harmoniously with the actions of others. No one will consume excessively because we will have let go of the need to possess and control for security. In the next millennium, life will have become about something else.

According to the Manuscript, our sense of purpose will be satisfied by the thrill of our own evolution— be the elation of receiving intuitions and then watching closely as our destinies unfold. The Ninth depicts a human world where everyone has slowed down and become alert, ever vigilant for the next meaningful encounter that comes alone. We will know that it could occur anywhere: on a path the winds through a forest, for instance, or on a bridge that traverses some canyon. 

Can you visualize human encounters that have this much meaning and significance? Think how it would be for two people meeting for the first time. Each will observe the other’s energy field, exposing any manipulations. Once clear, they will consciously share life stories until, elatedly, messages are discovered. Afterward, each will go forward again on their individual journey, but they will be significantly altered. They will vibrate at a new level and will thereafter touch others in a way not possible before their meeting.

The Manuscript says our natural pursuit of the truth will lead us there. But to grasp how this movement will occur, perhaps it is necessary to visualize the next millennium in the same manner you studied the current one with me on the airplane, remember?

Think about what has already occurred in this millennium. During the Middle Ages we lived in a simple world of good and evil, defined by the churchmen. But during Renaissance we broke free. We knew there had to be more to man’s situation in the universe than the churchmen knew, and we wanted the full story. 

We then sent science out to discover our true situation, but when this effort didn’t provide the answers we needed right away, we decided to settle in, and turned out modern work ethic into a preoccupation that secularized reality and squeezed the mystery out of the world. But now, we can see the truth of that preoccupation. We can see that the real reason we spend five centuries creating material supports for human life was to set up the stage for something else, a way of life that returns he mystery to existence. 

That is what the information nor returning from the scientific method indicates: mankind is on this planet to consciously evolve. And as we learn to evolve and pursue our particular path, truth by truth, the Ninth Insight says the overall culture will transform in a very predictable way. 

Once we reach a critical mass, and the insights begin to come in on a global scale, the human race will first experience a period of intense introspection. We’ll grasp how beautiful and spiritual the natural world really is. We’ll see the trees and rivers and mountains as temples of great power to be held in reverence and awe. We’ll demand an end to any economic activity that threatens this treasure….

This will be part of the first great shift that will occur which will be a dramatic movement of individuals from one occupation to another— because when people begin to receive clear intuitions of who they really are and what they’re supposed to be doing, they very often discover they’re in the wrong job…”

The Celestine Prophecy pages 222-224

Lmao 222 is my trust number!


How will Naturopathic Medicine best serve others in this new shift as well as best serve my own personal evolution?

Aiding people in raising their vibration via ingesting/applying the Earth in/on them, so that as their consciousness begins to heighten, it has a greater and smoother experience gushing through the physical body and into this relative reality, into the Now

Additionally, promoting/fostering/encouraging individuals to experience the self-healing mechanisms of their body, and witnessing/experiencing first hand the mysteries of life… it provokes questions, big questions, that the Universe is ready and willing to answer for each individual in the way they understand it best


I keep getting pangs of nervousness for my improv comedy show tonight

Trying to keep reminding my ego that there is no need to be nervous…. This is all about enjoying yourself, having fun on stage, just like dancing!!!

The point isn’t to be funny… it’s to connect with your scene partner on stage, to release your ego enough so your two consciousnesses can collaborate, create, and play!!!



God (loving conscious awareness) is:

  • Always ready to give you attention
  • Always there
  • So gentle
  • So fascinated
  • So curious
  • So grateful
  • So sweet
  • So comforting
  • So stable
  • So present
  • So creative
  • So smooth
  • So motherly/fatherly ye also child-like… it’s beautiful 
  • So committed
  • So funny


I keep thinking of him and how I love him so much and hope he sees past the illusive differences to the Truth


It’s not about what job will make you feel important, feel satisfied, feel valuable, feel accomplished… it’s literally just about what job you will enjoy. Which job you can sit with, enjoying the presence of your consciousness, as you work on whatever is in front of you with fascination, joy and gratitude

i.e. me when studying the human body/naturopathic medicine, teaching others, and listening to others who I can help


God killed it with the color lavender lol


Getting lost in the drama of life is a habit… that’s all. Keep checking back in with your consciousness, keep being aware of the fact that you are aware.

The sweetness of life is found when the majority of your days’ focus is on your consciousness (aka on God) and your relationship with/awe of that consciousness (God).

And of course on the creations we get to enjoy as well. 🙂 


Yikes I do this lmao –>

“Smiling or laughing when disclosing trauma can be information about the survivor’s family of origin experiences. Often the inability to access or express specific emotions in adulthood is the inevitable byproduct of not having those emotions modeled and normalized in childhood. When painful experiences are trivialized within a family or there’s an unspoken rule that certain feelings are unacceptable to express, children lose the ability to gain mastery over the full and appropriate expression of those emotions. It’s also information about the strong possibility that it was physically or emotionally unsafe to express anger or sadness.  Many clients assume that it will be equally unsafe in the therapist’s office.”


it’s like your ego is there trying to protect your wounded inner child, thinking that if it just gets that job, says that thing, does to that place, it can give your inner wounded child the love, attention, and significance it desires…

yet the ego can never truly give it any of that, no matter how much it tries to control

Only the comfort and abundant unconditional love of the loving conscious awareness that is Who We Really Are (extensions of God) can ever truly satisfy the yearnings of the inner child, and of the soul itself

I love raw onions but damn son, this onion breath tho



Only collective enlightenment is true enlightenment


Primary enlightenment happens to an individual, then he or she works towards secondary enlightenment for the collective (by teaching)


If one of us is not enlightened, then none of us are fully enlightened 


Reminds me of “you are only as strong as your weakest link”


It is why the natural inclination of those enlightened (Buddha, Jesus) after personal enlightenment is found, is to turn outwards and teach 




I’m feeling extremely self-conscious about posting these notes


I don’t want to push people further away from their divinity by being confusing, vague, or complicated… as if somehow what I’m saying isn’t available to everyone.

I don’t want to overcomplicate or lead people astray. I only seek to provide clarity, hope, or pieces of a key for liberation




Now I understand why knowledge is not always a good thing because then your ego will try and seek its identity through the knowledge and continue to try and find and force answers through the pursuit of more knowledge 


but the more knowledge you have the more your ego gets lost up in it preventing you from actually experiencing what it is that you say you know… which ends up rendering it useless 


so this is where “ignorance is bliss” really does come full circle… because sometimes in this situation of enlightenment, ignorance really is bliss 


if at the end of the day all of our souls already know all this information, what’s even the point of knowing it now 


if the point of this reality is simply to experience the Truth of Who We Are, then really, the raising of the vibration of the body, in conjunction with heightened levels of consciousness through self-control & mindfulness really should suffice enough to get you to the experience of bliss goal of primary enlightenment 


knowing all the secrets of the universe and why everything is and how everything is isn’t even really necessary. it actually can be quite a hindrance to the actual experience of enlightenment

I myself have suffered from a lot of anxiety, OCD, panic, depression, seeing as I’ve just sat in the presence of my thoughts and all of this knowledge that drove me crazy until I actually really integrated the importance of the stillness into my body  




It’s not that what I’m doing is wrong by posting these notes… what my ego is struggling with is making a MISTAKE! my ego struggles with perfectionism.

if these notes aren’t clear enough, if these aren’t simple enough, if these aren’t “right” enough, then I’m going to have to experience that “shame” later on down the road 


so rather than experiencing that, my ego is trying to get me to never have to face my own mistakes or my own obvious learning curves right in front of my face; it’s trying to protect me!!!! 


Aw 😉


but if I never try, I’ll never get better.