Ah ha ! My ego actually seems to like having problems to solve, hard decisions to make that are left un-made 


Now that I’ve made some major decisions it’s unsettled, finding its next big problem to dig its teeth into 

It’s the same way in the brain

Always scanning for problems trying to find the next toy to play with that is colored the color “WHATS WRONG WAIT I’LL FIND IT”



It’s key to go into each interaction with “I wonder why God has orchestrated this interaction”


This morning at Einsteins was the perfect example, with a random conversation about my future son’s name and the concept of being “all in” to something


For a second my ego was worried about being late to Church, but once I surrendered to the conversation and left with the natural flow of it’s end, I got in my car at 8:40 exactly, the time I’d intended to leave Einsteins


God’s gotcho back 😉


Sermon by Steven Furtick , Elevation Church


Sometimes commitment comes with resistance but that is overcome by the resolve in your heart


You could find all the reasons NOT to date someone but it’s up to you to maintain your resolve as to why you SHOULD

You can’t follow your emotions on each day when it comes to commitments 

Or every commitment you make will be fickle as you are blown around by the wind

Weather is meant to be checked not watched

I see it as weather (emotions) is meant to be understood and used for insight, rather than hold the microphone of your mind

What will win out, the calling that God put on your life or the circumstances that you keep making excuses for that contradict it (i.e. too young to start that, too busy to start this, too tired to do that)

Keep your eye on the destination and go for it

The challenge is trusting God in uncertainty

Sometimes the moment he is closest is the moment the wind is blowing the strongest


Yahweh—> I am






I’m very tired


“If you are drawn to an enlightened teacher, it is because there is already enough presence in you to recognize presence in another. There were many people who did not recognize Jesus or Buddha, as there are and always have been many people who are drawn to false teachers. Egos are drawn to bigger egos. Darkness cannot recognize light. Only right can recognize light.” -Eckhart Tolle


the ego likes to:

-blame others

-avoid all responsibility of problems

-resist the reality of the moment (fight against what IS)

-get fed by others’ validation of their problems and opinions

-make others out to be selfish when they’re meeting their own needs

-be judgmental (“I’m more enlightened” “I’m better”)


it’s important not to personalize someone’s unconsciousness

the ego (unconscious) is just an illusion made for this time-space reality

at the core, everyone has divinity in them

just because people’s levels of presence (consciousness) differ at this time in this time-space reality, does not make them any less divine than you

they are not their ego… not their unconsciousness… under the layers of these ego masks is the truth that we are all One in the same pure consciousness

all we can do is pray for people’s presence, pray for them to dissipate their ego, pray for them to feel love, pray for them to awaken 

but at the end of the day, that soul is on its own journey to Self-realization… we must remain patient, gentle, nurturing, and hopeful for each soul’s Self realization


 the body is an ANCHOR in the now

when working on switching the focus of your being from EGO to CONSCIOUS OBSERVER, using the body as an anchor is so beautiful because it is always in the NOW

your thoughts can take you to past and future, but your body can only be in the NOW





the matrix of this time-space reality is consciousness 


every single manifestation of matter (the shower glass, the body, the animal, the table)…. they’re all sitting within the fabric of consciousness … 

so really consciousness is everywhere. everything is INSIDE consciousness

the brain is a RECEIVER for consciousness; the brain does not create consciousness 


one must realize though that consciousness is not localized in the head, but rather is the entire field around the person


the ego is terrified of losing the past or future (aka not being able to think about it) 


it’s so scared of that because it only knows itself in relationship to time— to the made up past or future in your head 

when trying to live in the NOW (the present moment) the ego waterfalls you with fear 


it’s like the ego has a spasm

because it doesn’t know what is happening 

it doesn’t know how to be itself (an ego) without reference to a past problem or a future problem, or just past and future in general

staying in the NOW as the conscious observer takes practice and time (for me at least)


eventually it will wire in my brain and will be a habit to do so

I’ll be able to do so with less effort and little to none ego spasms


Sometimes when I don’t know the answer to a decision (what book to read, what outfit to wear), I conclude that in this moment in time, I’m not supposed to know the answer yet! And that’s okay!!


i walk away, do something, come back, and normally know


can be applied to bigger decisions as well. Trusting God will reveal to you the answer when you need to know it