I’ve figured it out. So there’s this quote by Tracy McMillan that says “The places where you have the biggest challenges in your life become the places where you have the most to give.”. I’ve had this quote up on my ‘quotes’ page for a while now and I’ve had a bunch of things written under of the challenges I have faced/still face. For example…

-overthinking everything
-not being able to control my mind
-crippling anxiety/fear
-obsessive/compulsive thoughts
-not staying present in the moment
-being horribly mean to myself
-not being able to break the destructive negative thought patterns

I have been posting tips and information related to all these areas I’ve had challenges with and been able to overcome to some extent. I even told my whole story to paint the picture of how these challenges might’ve developed over time. But then I realized something. Well actually, Greg did…

On my flight to Seattle a couple of days ago, I met this extremely kind emergency room doctor. We were chatting about life and he was giving me lots of very useful advice. We got on to discussing BrainLids and my mission in life. Amongst many other things, he gave me a very powerful recommendation: that I needed that one thing. The thing that encompassed what I was claiming to be able to help others with and how it made me different from the rest. The thing that defined what the BrainLids brand stood for, which I could say in just one simple line. And then it hit me: every single one of my challenges, everything I had struggled with, stemmed from the same root thing: my inner critic. My inner critic was so humongous and powerful that it led me to all of these horrid places: the crippling anxiety, the OCD, the destructive negative thought patterns, the lack of being able to shut off the spiral of overthinking. My inner critic was so damn mean and so loud that for YEARS it made me doubt everything about myself. I realized that all the tips, info, videos, and podcasts I’ve been making were all silently molding itself into the perfect recipe for that one thing.

I call it: The BrainLids Method.

What will it do for you? Eradicate your inner critic using brain science.

Over the course of the coming weeks I’m going to share the The BrainLids Method step-by-step so I can show you guys how I was able to eradicate my inner critic using brain science. It’s made up of 6 steps. (and yes, it is most definitely 6 steps in honor of the 6-step move in hip hop). In order for The BrainLids Method to work, you have to want to change. If you don’t want to change badly enough, it will not have the same effect. It is not easy, but it is very simple. If you want to eradicate your inner critic and finally be able to live your life not under the control of your negative thoughts, join me. This will work if you do it on your own, but it’ll be even better if its an interactive process. So ask questions when you have them; share your story when you want to; invite your friends to do the method with you.

I promise you that I am space for you to be vulnerable and never judged. All I want is for you do eradicate your inner critic so you can finally live your life to the fullest potential and stop being afraid of being happy. Living in that constant state of fear, being shy, having anxiety, being depressed… that is not “how it’s supposed to be”. I will no longer stand for people to go on living life thinking that’s just how it’s supposed to be. By going through The BrainLids Method step-by-step and applying it’s techniques to your every day life, I promise you you’ll experience a radical shift in your perspective. You’ll be so much nicer to yourself which will naturally turn in to you being nicer to others. As you begin to eradicate your inner critic, you’ll notice you stop judging others as much and the world won’t seem so hopeless. This will result in more fruitful relationships and a more peaceful day-to-day experience. I can say this with confidence because I did it myself and I am no different than you. We may not have the exact same wiring of the brain, but we have the exact same brain make-up. If the motivational and inspirational methods of loving yourself and being happy just don’t seem to cut it for you: at least you know you can count on brain science. 

I’ll be posting majority of the content out on Instagram (@brainlids) so follow that account if you haven’t already. The more detailed explanations and helpful tips will be sent to the BrainLids email subscribers, so subscribe here, comment your email below, or send it me in a message to be added to the BrainLids email list. Like I said, this is something you can definitely do by yourself, but if you want to go deeper and further into eradicating your inner critic so that happiness is truly your default brain state, I am here to help you through the process; we can chat about your steps more in depth over text, call, or even in person. Just reach out and let me know. How involved you get is completely up to you.

I’m really excited for you guys to experience what I have experienced with eradicating your inner critic. I can’t say I am perfectly immune to the critic yet— it still rears its head time and time again. But I can say that I am now able to live knowing it’s my choice whether or not to listen to it.

The BrainLids Method. First step tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Love you guys.