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Who are we?

BrainLids™ is an international organization dedicated to elevating human consciousness through innovative & absurd educational experiences

What is our goal?

1. Eradicate fear.

2. Create presence.

3. Optimize love.

What is our vision?

We dream of a world where we are not ruled by evolutionary tendencies, ego, fear, unconsciousness, or uncomfortable circumstances. We dream of a world where we all continually practice awareness, mindfulness, compassion, non-judgment, and higher consciousness. We dream of a world where self-actualizing is the norm, and bliss and peace due to ascended individuals is our everyday reality. 


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Self-doubt: The Asshole Who Tried to Dim my Light

I’m pretty heated to be honest. By the time you read this, maybe I won’t be, but in this moment in time, at 10:26 in the morning on a Tuesday in July of 2019 I am HEATED. Want to know why? I’ll tell you why. I’ll dissect, destroy, and dispose of why. Why I am heated...

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BrainLids BrainTraining Workshop — FULL VIDEO The 1st BrainLids BrainTraining Workshop (BBTW) covered a variety of topics; from the evolution of the brain and why it gets to be so infected with fear, to how we encourage our brains to be wired in a way that is...

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The BrainLids BrainTraining Workshop (BBTW)

It's here. It's happening. The first (of many) BrainLids BrainTraining Workshops. 🧠 (or BBTW for short).  Saturday February 9th, 2019 from 12-1:30PM. ☀️ I'll announce the location as it gets a bit closer. The first one is for sure in Phoenix, Arizona though. 🌵 I can't...

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The BrainLids Method. STEPS 1-6.

This is an excerpt from my new book. The title and date of its release is TO BE DETERMINED. Well I mean I have the title. When I tell you guys is to be determined 😉 Here is one chapter related to getting rid of your inner critic. I created The BrainLids Method to get...

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How to Stop Feeling Like Your Kindness is Fake

Sometimes this weird thing happens where I feel like my kindness is fake. I feel like there's this secret side of me that doesn't actually want to be nice. I fear the person I am talking to is going to tell that my kindness is fake. Half of this is true and half is...

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The BrainLids BookList

There have been a handful of non-fiction books that revolutionized the way I looked at the world. (Technically a handful is 5 and there are 8 here, I’m so sorry.) I am 100% sure that if these books had this big of an impact on me, some of you will feel the same. I...

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The BrainLids Method. Step 3.

I learned to control my brain using a frosting metaphor.   It's the truth. The BrainLids Method© is all based around a frosting metaphor. It is simple. It involves frosting and a whisk. The end result? You shut up that mean voice in your head. Maybe even eat some...

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Your Brain on Heartbreak

So you're heartbroken. It's his fault, it's her fault, it doesn't matter. It hurts and you want it to stop because you have shit to do and you're tired of eating your body weight in pizza. Now I'm not saying that knowing what's going on in the brain will make it stop...

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The BrainLids Method. Step 2.

"You don't have to control your thoughts; you just need to stop letting them control you." -Dan Millman   The BrainLids Method© Eradicate your inner critic using brain science. Copyright © 2018 by Lidia Obregon     This is the second step of The BrainLids Method©. If...

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The BrainLids Method. Step 1.

The BrainLids Method© Eradicate your inner critic using brain science. Copyright © 2018 by Lidia Obregon   The BrainLids Method© is an iterative method. What the heck is that? Iterative (adj.): involves repetition of steps to achieve the desired outcome; the results...

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The Secret Formula

I've figured it out. So there's this quote by Tracy McMillan that says "The places where you have the biggest challenges in your life become the places where you have the most to give.". I've had this quote up on my 'quotes' page for a while now and I've had a bunch...

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