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My Story

Hi lovely people. My name is Lidia Obregon (a.k.a. Lids) and I’m a cognitive neuroscientist. I’m obsessed with how the brain works and more specifically, I’m in love with using brain science to solve unhappiness.

Towards the end of my masters degree I had been suffering from a lot of anxiety and self-destructive thought patterns. I wanted to be happy so badly but the mess I’d wired in my brain was keeping me stuck. I resolved to find a way to re-wire my own brain so that I could eradicate what was causing me the most harm: my inner critic. That sneaky little fellow tangled itself in my brain. It threw me around for a ride until I learned to control the reigns of my brain better than it could. I did so and I am here to share with you just how that process happened.

I want all of you guys to eradicate that nasty inner critic and experience what it is like to finally use your brain to its fullest potential. We are not meant to be on this earth to suffer. Your unhappiness is not “normal”. I will no longer stand for that kind of normalization and I hope won’t either.

I am always here for you as a space to listen to your thoughts, no matter how scary they may be. I promise you, I have dealt with some very scary thoughts and will never judge you for whatever you might be going through. So don’t be afraid to reach out to me or anyone on the BrainLids team. Join the BrainLids movement. Apply The BrainLids Method. I promise you there is a way to get out of the hell hole your brain is stuck in and finally make happiness your default brain state.

So much love for you guys.


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