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*** more information on superpowers below if you so desire***

{ You know how we all secretly wish we had a superpower? Invisibility, reading people’s minds, or x, y, z… Well what if I told you we had one… but one bigger and better than any of the one’s we’ve ever dreamed of. One that involves not reading other’s minds but reading our OWN. Not only reading our own, but controlling our own.

This superpower? Brain plasticity.

[ Come again? ]

Brain plasticity, also known as “the brain’s ability to change itself”, simply refers to just that; the power to physically change the way our brains are wired, in turn leading to a change in the way we think about things and behave. It’s our trouble in making all of these little stupid decisions day to day that put us in the habit of hesitating and doubting ourselves. When this magnifies, it becomes a part of our “personality”. We then think “welp this is the way I am” and do nothing to go about changing.

If you are happy with the way you are, I am sincerely happy for you because that is an incredible power to have. It’s a beautiful thing to feel comfortable with yourself and the world around you. But for some, it takes a long time, and I am not even close yet. So,

                   –> superpower, meet my brain. }