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*** more information below on Stranger Things slime if you so desire***

{ So this one time I was at my college graduation party. Many people were there that I really loved, family, friends from childhood, people from out of town… it was a beautiful night. My mom did an incredible job with the everything including the best part, the FOOD. I mean come on, a TACO TRUCK??


I knew I had every damn reason to be happy. To be extremely grateful. To be so appreciative of everyone there and everything my family did to get me there. But looming over my head the entire time was this sadness that there was so much potential to feel love at that party, yet I felt very anxious. I felt like here was this beautiful opportunity for happiness and my anxiety was just emptying its horrid alien slime all over my fruitful crops.


I asked myself over and over again how I was supposed to be happy with that feeling over my head. I wish I could tell you how I got out of feeling like that that night, but I didn’t. The only moment I felt truly “alive” was while singing Mamma Mia’s Dancing Queen on karaoke with my mom. That was too powerful to be ruined by some bullshit. }