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*** more information below on donuts and roasts if you so desire***

{ This one time in college my cardiology professor (we’ll call her Dr. Z) called me out in front of the entire class for eating a Krispy Kreme donut (doughnut?). We were discussing heart disease and its risk factors, including potential ways to prevent heart attacks (*cue anxiety*). She explained how things like walking up the stairs would make your heart race because your leg muscles would squeeze up the blood in your veins towards your heart (think toothpaste tube + hands). What’s cool though is that your heart then works double-time for a sec to bring the system back into balance, all in the mean while getting a wee bit stronger. And there was me. Sitting in Dr. Z’s class. Eating a damn donut. Don’t worry, Dr. Z is awesome, and she and I were friends. The good thing is that she gave me the opportunity in that moment not only to think “maybe a donut isn’t the best call”, but more importantly to chose to laugh at this absurd situation instead of taking the more natural course of action and wanting to shrink down to the pits of invisibility.

The moment you break these stupid mini-habits of convincing yourself why you shouldn’t do something (i.e. take the stairs), you send this signal to your brain saying “huh… I wonder why he/she fought through this uncomfortable thing… is there another goal we should be focused on? Or is she really just in danger and we should FREAK OUT.”

Yeah brain, go ahead and freak out about some stairs… I’ll be waiting here for you to get your shit together. }

***disclaimer: in all fairness, my friend (and one of the most-influential people I’ve ever known, watch out world) brought me that donut out of LOVE and it was a damn good chocolate sprinkles Krispy Kreme but did she seriously have to bring it to me during a class on HEART HEALTH, ratting out my unhealthy indulgence to the entire WORLD? Yes. Yes she did. Because what else are best friends for if not to make you look ridiculous, love you, and laugh about it all in the process.