So I was at the gym and I felt drawn to walk into the yoga room after triple checking there was no one downwarding their dog in there. I felt inspired to put my headphones on and just dance. There was this force that seemed to be stopping me, telling me I’m too old now, I’ve been out of it for too long (almost two years), and that I probably suck now, so what’s the point. I was resistant to let myself continue moving and flowing with the song (Nature Boy – Acoustic by Aurora if you’re interested). There were so many voices in my head trying to convince me that that phase of my life is over and I’ll never dance or perform again like I used to.

Excuse me. I don’t fucking think so.

I cannot believe for just about 2 years now I’ve convinced myself my time as a dancer is over. I realized there is no expiration date to being a dancer. When your soul is brought onto this earth to dance, to move, to perform, there is no running away from that identity. I realized I had stopped because I knew I couldn’t really make dance into my “career”, so what was the point. I knew I stopped because I never had the best arches in my feet, so what was the point. I knew I stopped because although I knew my passion oozed on that stage and I’ve never felt more alive than on that stage, I wasn’t as good as other people my age, so what was the point. 

Excuse me. I don’t fucking think so.

To be a dancer is to allow yourself to be transported, picked up, and led by the soul of the song you choose to move to. To be a dancer is to commit to opening up the portal of your emotions for others to witness, so that they may choose whether or not they will allow those emotions to touch their heart and affect them in some deeper way. Sometimes depending on the dancer, a person isn’t even granted that choice. To be a dancer is to put your ego, fears, and limiting beliefs aside and allow the unique expression of your spirit to guide you on that stage, whether you’re ready for it or not. 

More often than not we let the fires in our hearts die down after allowing external pressures, opinions, or expectations to put out those fires. We ignore the gifts that are screaming to be shared and let them wither in the corners of our inner world. We twinge with feelings of jealousy when others sharing that same gift we have seem to be doing so loudly and proudly. 

I am not saying dance will by my career. I am also not saying it won’t be. What I am saying is that I choose to commit to a life where the passion and gifts I have bubbling up out of my soul are allowed their fullest expression, regardless of the titles I do or don’t have; regardless of the expectations I have put on myself or taken on from others; regardless of the fear, the doubt, or the resistance that creeps up unannounced; regardless of the limiting beliefs my subconscious mind attempts to sabotage me with. 

If you’re not living a life fueled from the seat of your passion, fueled from the seat of what you care deeply about, you are bound to run out of fuel. The only sustainable career and way of life in this experience is one that is fueled from that mysterious fire we have burning in our hearts for some random thing— a passion for healing others, a passion for baking the most epic cupcakes the world has ever known, a passion for waking people up through music, a passion for mastering the glory of electricity and helping people when their’s goes awry, or in my case, a passion for passion; a passion for inspiring, teaching, and helping others find their passion; a passion for standing by someone as they eradicate all the fear, hindrances, limiting subconscious beliefs, shitty societal programmings, and self-doubts that stand in the way of finding, chasing, and riding those passions until the day that fire is done burning and they choose to pass and move on to frolic in other dimensions. 

We live in a time where the majority of what we do, say, think, and feel is not chosen by us. It’s chosen by our past conditioning, shaped by our parents, ruled by society’s expectations, and molded by false beliefs that were never ours to begin with. It is no surprise what so ever that with the influx of technology and the efflux of primitive living, we see a major amplification of psychological and emotional distress— right and left anxiety and depression become more and more commonplace. Of course, we shouldn’t have to revert completely back to primitive ways to regain a sense of peace and equilibrium of the mind. But I do guarantee you that if we don’t begin to unlearn a lot of what we have learned as a collective human society, we will crumble. I do guarantee you that to regain that sense of peace and equilibrium of mind, we must learn about all that is driving and choosing for us and then we must learn how to drive and choose for ourselves. What ridiculous beliefs are stopping you? What absurd expectations? What irrational stories? What lame fears? What is keeping you stuck running on someone’s else’s programming, keeping you with your head deep in technology ignoring what is screaming at you inside? 

What is your passion? What is the fire that should be fueling your life and why haven’t you gotten on that rocket yet? If you have: fuck yeah.

Passion might seem ambiguous— it might seem like it’s a privilege only granted to some, or some fancy term they’ve glorified in movies. But passion is no more than something you strangely care a fuck ton about that you seem to continuously talk about and research on your spare time. Passion is a feeling often born from extreme frustration with something in our world and over time a feeling that transmutates into enthusiasm and service. 

My passion is to help people live fueled by their passion. To help them get their brain, their mind, and their ego out of the damn way to allow that passion to explode all over this world. I guarantee you a life lived like that is a life where you rarely get sick, rarely have anything to complain about, and most importantly a life where you get to experience intense and frequent bouts of love, peace and bliss. 

That’s all I have to say about that.