rewiring what’s underneath

Who are we?


BrainLids™ is an educational organization with the intention to rewire brains back to love and clear perceptions of reality through spreading creative, digestible and comedic content.


How do we interact with the community?



  • brain & health coaching

  • workshops

  • educational content (graphics, blog)

  • books



What main problems are we trying to solve?


1. Humans being stuck in fear and not being their true selves due to evolution, society, and messy brains. 

2. Humans not knowing they can rewire their brains to be free from mental suffering.

3. Humans being stuck in a victim mentality, not realizing they have the power to choose thoughts and focus to create their (brains) reality. 



Latest Posts



Thoughts on the 9th of March, 2020

The reticular activating system in the brain is responsible for drawing your attention to certain things in the environment dependent on beliefs (aka thought habits) that one has wired into the brain brain = filter of reality Beliefs are formed by repetition -- if you...

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The 10th of November

 Ah ha ! My ego actually seems to like having problems to solve, hard decisions to make that are left un-made    Now that I’ve made some major decisions it’s unsettled, finding its next big problem to dig its teeth into  It’s the same way in the brain Always scanning...

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The 9th of November

It’s like my nervous system is craving some habits/places/pieces of my day with some regularity and predictability so it can feel safe and calm Breakfast habitExercise habitFriend habitMeditation habit Sleep habits Dating habit ~~~~ The fear that was with my last...

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The 8th of November

What an incredible night at my 1st improv show and afterwards with people from the theater Such genuine, creative, passionate, hilarious people So many lessons from the night: I am here to serve  Costa Rica feels selfish Remember and re-implement Artists Way (Artist...

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The 7th of November

I have been doing daily notes for about a year and a half now. I take notes of my thoughts, questions, research, and inner talk in the Notes app of my computer.* The initial purpose of the note taking was so that I could look back on useful pieces of information I...

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