rewiring what’s underneath

Who are we?



BrainLids™ is an organization of healers, educators and artists here to wake up the world and rewire brains back to love. 




How do we do so?



1. by HEALING the brain-body-soul connection


2. by TEACHING about the brain-body-soul connection


3. by CELEBRATING life





What main problems are we trying to solve?



1. The evolutionary mismatch of our brains with the current environment which causes us anxiety.



2. Man forgetting God as the only true heart-filler and love as the only goal worth attaining.



3. The victim mentality in illness— Our culture ignoring the body’s manifestations as messages from the soul.



4. The loss of passion as fuel for humans’ life work. 




Latest Posts



The 10th of November

 Ah ha ! My ego actually seems to like having problems to solve, hard decisions to make that are left un-made    Now that I’ve made some major decisions it’s unsettled, finding its next big problem to dig its teeth into  It’s the same way in the brain Always scanning...

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The 9th of November

It’s like my nervous system is craving some habits/places/pieces of my day with some regularity and predictability so it can feel safe and calm Breakfast habitExercise habitFriend habitMeditation habit Sleep habits Dating habit ~~~~ The fear that was with my last...

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The 8th of November

What an incredible night at my 1st improv show and afterwards with people from the theater Such genuine, creative, passionate, hilarious people So many lessons from the night: I am here to serve  Costa Rica feels selfish Remember and re-implement Artists Way (Artist...

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The 7th of November

I have been doing daily notes for about a year and a half now. I take notes of my thoughts, questions, research, and inner talk in the Notes app of my computer.* The initial purpose of the note taking was so that I could look back on useful pieces of information I...

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A Vent on Passion

So I was at the gym and I felt drawn to walk into the yoga room after triple checking there was no one downwarding their dog in there. I felt inspired to put my headphones on and just dance. There was this force that seemed to be stopping me, telling me I’m too old...

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We love messages.