so you’re unhappy.

so you’re mean to yourself.

so you can’t spend more than 3 seconds on the toilet alone with your thoughts.


we feel you.

(so does the toilet)

it sounds like your brain is a wee bit messy.

let me guess… you also:


  • constantly doubt yourself

  • consider yourself “anxious”

  • worry about a lot of things

  • don’t think you’re good enough

  • get nervous in social situations

  • can’t stop the negative thoughts

  • have bad habits you want to break

  • never feel like you’re doing enough

  • are sick of feeling stuck in your mind

  • feel like you can never turn your brain off

congrats! you are doomed.

just kidding)

this just means it’s time to clean up and re-wire you brain.


don’t worry.

we have every single step and tool for you to do so,

all backed by simple brain science.

if you want to:

  • eradicate your inner critic

  • end all of your useless suffering

  • use your brain to its fullest potential

  • make inner peace your default state 

then exhale my friend, because you’re in the right place.

we did it. he did it. she did it.

it’s your turn now.

you ready?

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BrainLids BrainTraining Workshop — FULL VIDEO

The 1st BrainLids BrainTraining Workshop (BBTW) covered a variety of topics; from the evolution of the brain and why it gets to be so infected with fear, to how we encourage our brains to be wired in a way that is destructive.

This workshop’s goal is to serve as a main introduction into BrainTraining and why it is so needed in today’s human society. There are currently millions of people being controlled by their brains and it is causing endless suffering. At BrainLids, we don’t believe this has to be the case. We believe we can learn how to rewire our brains so that we are the masters of our brains. When we learn how to become the masters of our own brains, we then have the power to create our own reality. 

The key thing to take away from the BBTW is the main BrainTraining tool, the BrainTraining Field (or BTF) explained in the second half of the workshop. We can use this tool at every single moment of our lives in order to train our brains and get rid of any and all fear that holds us back from being the person we want to be. When we begin to become the person we actually want to be, we can then do what we’re here on Earth to do.

We hope the video of this workshop is useful for whoever comes across it. If you’re interested in attending one of the future BrainLids BrainTraining Workshops, please email us at and we will keep you in the loop with upcoming workshops.

Happy BrainTraining beautiful humans 🙂

We love messages.