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Who are we?

BrainLids™ is an international community dedicated to creating spaces & experiences for the untangling of our minds and the healing of our souls.

We dream of a world where mental health is as important and spoken about as physical health; Where understanding how our brains work gives us the ability to optimize the quality of our life experiences; Where inner peace and serenity are the norms.

We know firsthand how hellish mental illness can be. We wish it upon no one to unravel the tangles of their mind alone. That’s what we are here for. So let’s do this shit.

Why do we do what we do?

Because we love humans. (And sloths. And pine trees.) But really, really love humans. We think humans are extraordinary, brilliant, creative, and at the core, good.

We know that through the power of education, sprinkled with cartoons and comedy, human awareness will rise exponentially.

That will eventually contribute to a world where humans, sloths, and pine trees live in joyful harmony.

That’ll be a really cool time to be alive. Hopefully we’ll be around then in one form or another.


Episode 3: Beliefs — The BrainLids Show

In episode 3 of The BrainLids Show, our Founder, Lids, discusses beliefs.

As always, she takes this discussion from the neuroscientific, to the psychological, to the spiritual level. She concludes the episode by discussing how beliefs could be affecting the amount of “soul” that is able to shine through our body into this reality.

We thank you so much for listening and hope you like our episodes. Continue to share, watch, and subscribe!

All our love and more,

The BrainLids Team

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