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BrainLids is an international organization dedicated to creating educational experiences to wake up the world & elevate consciousness.

What are we?

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A Vent on Passion

So I was at the gym and I felt drawn to walk into the yoga room after triple checking there was no one downwarding their dog in there. I felt inspired to put my headphones on and just dance. There was this force that seemed to be stopping me, telling me I’m too old...

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Self-doubt: The Asshole Who Tried to Dim my Light

I’m pretty heated to be honest. By the time you read this, maybe I won’t be, but in this moment in time, at 10:26 in the morning on a Tuesday in July of 2019 I am HEATED. Want to know why? I’ll tell you why. I’ll dissect, destroy, and dispose of why. Why I am heated...

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BrainLids BrainTraining Workshop — FULL VIDEO The 1st BrainLids BrainTraining Workshop (BBTW) covered a variety of topics; from the evolution of the brain and why it gets to be so infected with fear, to how we encourage our brains to be wired in a way that is...

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The BrainLids BrainTraining Workshop (BBTW)

It's here. It's happening. The first (of many) BrainLids BrainTraining Workshops. 🧠 (or BBTW for short).  Saturday February 9th, 2019 from 12-1:30PM. ☀️ I'll announce the location as it gets a bit closer. The first one is for sure in Phoenix, Arizona though. 🌵 I can't...

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The BrainLids Method. STEPS 1-6.

This is an excerpt from my new book. The title and date of its release is TO BE DETERMINED. Well I mean I have the title. When I tell you guys is to be determined 😉 Here is one chapter related to getting rid of your inner critic. I created The BrainLids Method to get...

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How to Stop Feeling Like Your Kindness is Fake

Sometimes this weird thing happens where I feel like my kindness is fake. I feel like there's this secret side of me that doesn't actually want to be nice. I fear the person I am talking to is going to tell that my kindness is fake. Half of this is true and half is...

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The BrainLids BookList

There have been a handful of non-fiction books that revolutionized the way I looked at the world. (Technically a handful is 5 and there are 8 here, I’m so sorry.) I am 100% sure that if these books had this big of an impact on me, some of you will feel the same. I...

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The BrainLids Method. Step 3.

I learned to control my brain using a frosting metaphor.   It's the truth. The BrainLids Method© is all based around a frosting metaphor. It is simple. It involves frosting and a whisk. The end result? You shut up that mean voice in your head. Maybe even eat some...

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